Lianyungang Processing Facility Update

Progress Update

Significant progress made on the construction of RZG’s Enormous Lianyungang Processing Facility

Date: 31 May 2022

The team from RZG has made significant progress in the construction of what will soon be the world’s largest industrial garnet processing facility.  Pictured are four aerial photos of the construction site as at 31st May 2022 – accompanied by a graphic of the facility once completed.

Garnet production from Lianyungang will commence at 50,000 tonnes per month from around mid-October 2022 of high quality RZG Garnet and RZG Jadecut.  Garnet from Lianyungang is complimented by existing garnet production from the Rizhao mine and processing plant, which has been producing for over a decade.

RZG’s Lianyungang minesite is the largest known source of garnet in the world today – total proven reserves are 220 million tonnes (to a depth of 150 metres).  Total reserves from Lianyungang and Rizhao is 300 million tonnes.

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